J.P. Weigand Auction Inc. Commercial Division

Auctions have become an increasingly popular method of selling real estate. An effective auction helps sell the property in a timely manner and market values are established. J.P. Weigand & Sons is actively involved in auction marketing with associates who are experienced real estate professionals as well as auctioneers. Our agents/auctioneers and their team work closely with their clients to determine an approximate value that can be anticipated from an auction. A detailed marketing plan is established to ensure that the property gets maximum exposure to potential buyers prior to the event. This method of marketing has proven successful for all types of real estate. Our auction services include: • value analysis. • creation of a property specific marketing plan that exposes the property nationally, regionally, and locally. • client support at the auction and through the closing of the sale. • Utilization of technology to increase bidder participation.

• Creating a competitive atmosphere among bidders achieving the market value for the property being sold.

Why should you consider selling your property at auction? • Auctions bring pre-qualified buyers who are prepared to buy. • Auctions utilize an abbreviated process that reduces long-term carrying costs, including taxes and maintenance. • Auctions create an assurance that a property will be sold at fair market value. • Auctions expose a property to multiple pre-qualified prospects. • Auction help to accelerate the sales process. • Auctions creates competition among buyers - price often exceeds the price of a negotiated sale. • Auctions let the seller decide exactly when the transaction will process. • Auctions limit inconvenient and unscheduled showings. • Auctions offer an aggressive marketing program that increases interest and visibility. • Auctions create a sense of urgency that brings interested parties to a point of decision. • Auctions create maximum visibility for a property. Auctions are a concentrated effort, so the exposure and efforts are more intense and visible.

Co-op Program With J.P. Weigand & Sons Auction Division, we appreciate the opportunity to cooperate with Agents throughout the real estate community. Let us be another tool in your toolbox for both buyers and sellers.

Is an auction right for your seller? Call to schedule a consultation where you will receive the information to decide for yourself. A property can go to auction without being listed for sale, or at any time during a listing period. Click here to contact Kevin Howell with any questions that you might have about the process.